The most wonderful awe-inspiring aspect of unravelling the great mysteries is that you are actually unravelling yourself. It’s a mind provoking adventure to explore these realms, to unveil these great mysteries. Once the cascading chain of discoveries is ignited within you, the quest for truth is unstoppable. It never ceases to fascinate me that once this process has begun, the stream of new and remarkable breakthroughs appears to be endless. Lets together travel to the place where Earth, Heaven, and Spirit meet and experience the grand adventure of discovering the outer spaces and inner places simultaneously.
I guarantee you, it will be an unforgettable adventure,
or with other peoples words:

“… Bert Janssen has become one of the most high energy, inspiring motivational speakers in the world, with a clear message. A true gift … ”

Magical Adventures Expeditions
The legacy and mystery of Sacred places has intrigued humanity from the beginning of time. Go on a journey that not only takes you to these places, but that also will awaken your body, mind and soul. The inspiration, insights and awe triggered by these expeditions, will etch themselves deep into the very core of your being. During the expeditions you will encounter a lot, you will learn a lot, you will laugh a lot, and ... your life will never be the same again.
Remote Viewing, Shamanic seeing, and metaTracking are woven into the very fabric of these exciting expeditions.

Magical Adventures Expedition through England 2018
Conferences, lectures
After lecturing for thousands of people in conferences and businesses around the world, I have recognized that how I present the material, and the material itself stays with the audience for days and weeks. The material resonates into all corners of their system, haunting them in their quiet moments, and waking them up in the morning with new and previously unimaginable thoughts and feelings. After lecturing at your conference or business, you and the other participants will be turned inside out and upside down, but once the dust has settled, new yous will have been born.
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Here you can see a picture of Bert Janssen in action at the OVNI Mundial Conference in Mexico-city in March 2010.
Over 2000 people, 3 screens and live-streamed all over the world.
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Workshops, gatherings
Great visionaries are saturated with gnosis. They trust in their inner knowing and do not let the fear, uncertainty, and doubt of consensual reality or others deter them from manifesting their dreams. The art of recognising your own purpose and potential is the first step towards creating opportunities out of challenges .
In my ‘hands on’ workshops and experiential gatherings, you will learn to discover yourself, and gain gnosis, through the mysteries of time. Be it the Mayan prophecies, the Egyptian legacy, Chartres Cathedral or the crop circles.
Remote Viewing, Shamanic seeing, and metaTracking are woven into the very fabric of these exciting workshops and gatherings. Don’t wait. Start today!
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