Just as the great mysteries are etched permanently into the fabric of time, I share my books, DVD's and photos with you as your permanent anchor along the path of your quest.
These products will guide you into the stories that first must be seen and felt before they can be understood.
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Sophia's Egg
Sophia's Egg is a mind bending, thought provoking spiritual thriller written in the combined tradition of 'The Da Vinci Code' and 'The Celestine Prophecy' and set in the powerful and magical landscape of Wiltshire, England.
Sophia’s Egg is the New ‘Gnostic’ Testament wrapped in a visionary fictional framework founded on historical facts and contemporary research. It merges science (psychology and quantum physics) with different shamanistic and esoteric insights and shakes the holy house of organized religion by asking the questions they are most afraid to answer. Order here...
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Dagboek van een Tijdreiziger
'Dagboek van een Tijdreiziger' is het boeiende relaas van Bert Janssen dat verhaalt van bijzondere belevenissen en scherpe observaties, maar dat vooral verhaalt van opzienbarende en soms zelfs schokkende ontdekkingen. Neem bijvoorbeeld de landschapsgeometrie rondom Avebury, Wiltshire, Engeland. De connectie met de Grote Piramide en de connectie met CERN in Geneve. En wat te denken van het verband tussen 'squaring the circle' en de Maya's. En de intrigerende ontdekkingen met betrekking tot Stonehenge en Silbury Hill. Stuk voor stuk ontdekkingen die de wereld op haar grondvesten zullen doen schudden zodra de verreikende consequenties zijn ingezonken.
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The Hypnotic Power of Crop Circles
Crop circles have fascinated people all over the world for decades. Although the phenomenon is surrounded by many mysteries, the huge, unfamiliar and powerful shapes are most intriguing. These shapes, in fact, can have a hypnotizing effect. But why? What makes these shapes so compelling? Why do these patterns have such strong effect on people? As I dived into the riddles of these mysterious crop circle shapes, trying to unravel their hidden secrets, I embarked on a magical journey through the miracles of crop circle geometry. This journey took me to unexpected realms. I invite you to travel with me. Order here...
Crop Circle Geometry and Reconstructions
Although I am interested in all aspects of the fascinating phenomenon of crop circles, I gaind my first knowledge in the field of crop circle shapes and geometry and how it interacts with the human mind. How could it be explained that people get so fascinated merely by looking at crop circles? Even when they don't know a single thing about the phenomenon, the symbols seem to stir up interest nevertheless. Because of this I felt the strong urge to study the shapes, which resulted in my book ‘Crop Circle Geometry and Reconstruction’.
This book is out of print.
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In this documentary I focus mainly on the strange lights that are seen and filmed in and around crop circles. You are shown no less than 20 pieces of authentic footage of mysterious balls of light filmed in broad daylight. You will witness the behavior of the lights, which leaves you with the definite impression that these lights are indeed intelligent.
In 2002, Contact won an EBE-Award as best ufo-related documentary at the conference and film festival at Laughlin, Nevada (USA). Order here...
The Silbury Hole Enigma
In this short documentary (15 minutes) I report about the strangeness surrounding the mysterious hole that on May the 29th 2000 suddenly appeared in Silbury Hill (Wiltshire, UK), Europe’s largest man-made hill. Prior to the collapse a huge UFO was seen hovering above the hill. Several people recorded seeing big balls of light above and around Silbury. Be prepared to see the only footage ever shot inside Silbury Hill. A breath-taking account that – now that the hole has been filled – will never be filmed again. An absolutely unique documentary!
This collectors item is no longer available.
Crop Circles, the Research
A visually stunning documentary in which I take you on a guided tour of the latest discoveries relating to the crop circle phenomenon. It gives a very clear and accessible view of the current scientific understanding of this unusual phenomenon. Scientists from different fields explain their remarkable findings. You will see clear images of the anomalies one can find in crop formations: dead flies, magnetite, exploded and elongated nodes, and much more. This documentary is highly recommended for those who wish to understand how crop circles are created. Order here...
Crop Circles, What on Earth is Going On?
In this documentary I discuss the history of the crop circles, along with their possible relation to ancient sites, swirl winds, hoaxers, UFOs, aliens etc. Furthermore this documentary contains two unique pieces of video footage of mysterious white balls of light. The much discussed Oliver's Castle footage, shot in August 1996, which shows the actual forming of a crop circle and the famous Milk Hill footage, shot by Steve Alexander in July 1990.
This collectors item is no longer available.
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The art of ‘seeing’ a photo is a multi-perceptual event. I believe there are four different levels of perception that you access while viewing a photograph. The first level, the literal level, is where you just see the image exactly as it is. The second level, the symbolic level, is where you can begin putting words and feelings to the picture. It is the level where nothing is as it appears to be. The level where you begin to dive deeper into yourself as the photo speaks to you. The next level, the mythic level, is where you begin to feel a higher understanding of the photo coupled with intuitive insights about it. You know you have arrived at the last level, the energetic level, when you begin to dream away. Here you are merging with the photo and being filled with a sense of wonder and awe. You are sure that hours have gone by as the photo transported you to another time and place, when in fact only a few minutes have ticked away. You are experiencing what I call HoloSeeing – whole brain seeing. The photograph that swept you away with its millions of pixels of light wrapped up into one cohesive image, is mirroring your self to you.
Each of my photos is a gateway - a window - into the soul, and will continue speaking it’s message from the walls of your office, the walls of your private home, an airport, a school or college, a restaurant, a book, etc. The effect is beyond words – is indescribable. You must experience it yourself, to know.

All my photos are of the highest quality (slide-film) and can be blown up to big sizes without losing any detail.
Please visit my photo galleries, write down the order code of the photos you want and send these to me in an email, together with your wishes on size etc. Email address: info@bertjanssen.nl

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